The ClaimMS GmbH designs interactive Web 2.0 online applications. Doing so, neither a local installation by the client nor maintenance is necessary. World wide access thru well known web browser and internet-ready cell phones is provided. Current projects are the following: - The accident has happened and there is nothing you can do about it. From now on you are going to be confronted with a variety of questions to clear up the circumstances until your claim for compensation enforces. The simplest way to demonstrate the actual event is to draw it. This is why almost every insurance company, lawyer or even the court, in case of conflict request such a sketch. gives you the oportunity to design, print or send the information easily and quickly online. You have many questions to answer and forms to fill in -- from the police, insurance companies, and perhaps even lawyers and courts. The commercial version gives you the opportunity to copy the created diagrams to the clipboard and work on them in other programs afterwards. The commercial version can be stocked with the documents, logos and content on your demand and wishes.

DTVD-Online - A browser application to create, calculate and draw Distance-Time-Diagrams in order to analyse and reconstruct the traffic accident. A simplified public version introduces the application and the use of a time-distance diagram. The online braking distance and speed calculator completes the library.

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